Learn How To Master 5 Essential Diabetic Skills In This Easy To Follow FREE Set Of Guides 
*This is 100% FREE, no credit card required.


Learn How To Master 5 Essential Diabetic Skills In This Easy To Follow FREE Set Of Guides 
*This is 100% FREE, no credit card required.


Regular exercise helps your body lower blood glucose levels, reduces insulin resistance and promotes weight loss, reduces stress and enhances physical fitness and enjoyment of life. 

Therefore exercise is not a suggestion but is medicine and is considered one of the main tools to manage diabetes.


"If exercise were a pill it would be one of the most effective medicines ever invented. 

Understanding how exercise effects our glucose levels is a common and very real struggle for diabetics wanting to be active.

Whether or not you struggle with the how or why... Empower yourself with knowledge!


There is no such thing as a diabetic 'friendly' or 'unfriendly' meal. 

Understanding nutrition and why it works is the ultimate tool to use to get your goals.

If you know where your focus should be you'll always have the freedom to feel comfortable with choices you actually enjoy. 


There is no doubt that we need our 
medication as diabetics! 

We also need to ensure our medication is 
able to work to the best of its ability. 
Medication doesn't just come in the form of pills and injections - exercise and the food we eat is as important as any other medicine we use for our diabetic management and control. 
*This is 100% FREE, no credit card required.
We need to use Activity and nutrition TOGETHER with medication if we want to thrive as diabetics! 
 our body needs movement, good nutrition, and medication to make up for the rest.

 Exercise & Diabetes - Staying In Range

This is a guide I designed for diabetics to use a tool to eliminate the confusion and overwhelm that usually surrounds exercising while trying to keep glucose levels from going too high or too low. 

Hypos - The Diabetics Guide

Low sugar events are some of the scariest parts of diabetes. The better we are able to handle low sugar events the better our life with diabetes can be. This is a great guide to use to handle your hypos with more confidence. 

The Complete Guide To Calories

This guide is all about calories and energy balance. I designed this guide for you to use as a tool to learn more about how to read food labels, the difference between food and nutrients and more about the popular question - are all calories created equally? 

Vegetables - The Complete Visual Guide

This is a guide I made for my clients to use as a visual explainer to which vegetables are 'better' or 'worse' for us as diabetics. I've given you visual guides and my top 10 lists of 'good' versus 'bad' veggies for us as diabetics

Meal Planning

This is a guide I made for my newer clients to use when they need a simple plan of action to use with their meal planning, shopping and food choices. You can use this guide as a tool to help you with some low carb shopping lists and an easy meal planning template to use to make your daily menus.



 My name is Nick Caracandas from Diabetic and I help diabetics learn and discover how to live life with better diabetic impact, freedom and control. 

 I’ve been living with type 1 diabetes for over 24 years. I’m living the very same struggle you are everyday, and the only difference between you and I, is that I’ve dedicated my life as a diabetic strength and conditioning coach on a mission to help my fellow diabetic succeed in life with better diabetic impact, freedom and control.

I once needed the very service I now provide. Diabetic athletic, all of its programs and all of its guides, are an extension of that vision
My passion is teaching others how to eliminate diabetic overwhelm, and how to implement winning strategies to succeed and enjoy learning how to overcome our condition.


*This is 100% FREE, no credit card required.
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